It is with a mix of relief and frustration that we share the news of our departure from St. Ninians Gardens and the Shoeing Shed. When we acquired this space earlier this year, we had high hopes and positive intentions. We saw the potential for collaboration with our suppliers and like-minded industry friends, as well as the opportunity to pursue our own floral and photography activities outside of our concept store. However, the reality of our experience in this location has been far from what we had envisioned.

The Shoeing Shed was never part of our original plan, but we were approached by the landlord who seemed to align with our approach and ethos and was in support of our vision for this space. Excited about the opportunity to create something unique, we dove into this venture with enthusiasm. Little did we know the challenges that awaited us.

Since our arrival, we have encountered underhanded and distasteful practices that have hindered our ability to trade peacefully and fulfill our intended purpose for the space. As a business, we strive to learn and grow every day, but sometimes we are faced with challenges that test our resolve. It was disheartening to be aligned with a landlord who did not approach us as tenants with the respect and professionalism we had expected. Their association with misogynistic partners and attempts to bend our intentions were deeply disappointing and baffled us on all accounts of usual routes of what we would expect from professionalism.

This year has been filled with lessons and disappointments in people. While Dunkeld remains a wonderful community with many cherished individuals, customers, and friends ( whom we are eternally grateful for), we cannot ignore the toxic undertone created by a handful of businesses and individuals who challenge us along the way. Throughout it all, we have remain dignified and focused, empowered by our own desire to succeed. We have chosen not to react to the negativity and remain focused on the wonderful happenings of by Nova and all our wonderful avenues.

As we move forward, our focus continues with by Nova Eatery and by Nova Living and our creative services. We will continue to welcome customers through our concept store and pursue our creative projects externally. We are determined to protect our inner peace and stand tall against any bully tactics. We don’t dwell on the intentions of people who are and never have been supporters of our business. We extend our best wishes to our wonderful neighbours who continue to call St. Ninian's their homes. We will always support the people and masterminds behind each of these small businesses and will continue to recommend their services and products to guests that visit us.

This year, I have grown more than ever and am lucky to have wilful, strong, well-intended people come into my life. We choose to focus on ideas and the future, leaving behind the unnecessary negativity. We don’t dwell; we do! We are grateful for the support and encouragement of those who have rallied around us during challenging times, for the tough conversations, and for the listening ear. We love what we do, and despite the difficulties faced by all businesses, we remain committed to our vision and continue to navigate a roadmap less travelled. As we continue with our concept store and events business, we look forward to the ongoing opportunities that lie ahead and appreciate the continued support of our valued customers and industry friends. It’s possibly these situations that make you realise that digging deep brings further innovation and determination and relief in the ‘letting go' of what does not serve us as individuals personally and in business.

We are excited to soon announce our creative partnerships and workshop activity for our 'slower seasons' that will be hosted out of various spaces including our concept store, 23 Atholl street Dunkeld.